Original Indonesian Lanscape Painting of Dezentje

Ernest Dezentje (French/Javanese, 1884-1972)
Self taught artist of French origin, Dezentje was born in 1885 at Jatinegara, Jakarta, Indonesia. He was often associated with the early "Indonesian School" of painting. He was mostly a self-taught artist of mixed parentage who took up painting just early at the age of 31.

He was a member of the Bataviasche Kunstkring, with whom he also exhibited his artworks. He had participated in several exhibitions during his active period, such as solo exhibition in Jakarta in 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939. After World War II he eventually decided to become an Indonesian national.

Known mainly as a landscape artist, Dezentjé worked primarily in Indonesia, although his artworks are collected by a number of prominent collectors around the world. Former President Soekarno, the 1st President of Indonesia presented some paintings of Dezentje for the former President Tito of Yugoslavia and several Russian Leaders.

Dezentje taught several artists, and trained his adopted son Djupriany as a painter. As many Indonesian artists adopted more avant-garde styles, some accused the paintings of Dezentj√© as "tasteless, stereotypical tropical” scenes. Nonetheless, he had in fact inspired a lot of painters to adopt or follow his painting style, of which some experts frequently classify it as “Mooi Indie” genre. Reputable auction houses such as Christie and Sotheby’s regularly display Dezentje’s artworks on their catalogs.

LOT #1

  • Title : Cloudy Paddies Field and Mountain Landscape
  • Type : oil on canvass
  • Dimension : 60 X 90 cm, 101 X 131 X 5 cm (framed)
  • Year : unknown
  • Condition : restored from damage, framed, already varnished and ready to hang.
The above painting was acquired from a reputable official art auction house. There was NO provenance or COA provided. However, to the best of seller’s knowledge, we guarantee that the aforementioned piece is 100 % original and genuinely produced by the said painter as stated. This is one of a kind of VERY UTMOST RARE landscape painting upon which the painter described the sky in cloudy condition.

LOT #2

  • Title : Paddies Field and Mountain Landscape
  • Type : oil on canvass
  • Dimension : 82 X 135 cm
  • Year : unknown
  • Condition : excellent, framed, already varnished and ready to hang.