Tempestuous Graphic Compositions on Djirna's Figures

I Made Djirna (1957)
Born in 1957 at Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali, I Made Djirna is one of Indonesia’s leading modern painters. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta) in 1985, and is a member of Sanggar Dewata Indonesia (SDI). The artist, who is rooted in the village culture of Bali, is well-known as one who paints with an exceptionally versatile technique. In an Indonesian art world laden with statements of identity and political concerns, Djirna’s painting stand out as the expression of an acute personal sensitivity.

Djirna is very active in holding and joining exhibitions, both solo and group, in many Indonesian cities as well as overseas. He is known to be very productive and explorative in creating all kinds of experimental works, using various materials, techniques and styles for his art pieces. His themes of choice have an archetypal quality that renders them attractive well beyond the shores of his island of birth. They include the future of the mother, the threat of evil and the slow decaying of an idyllic agrarian world. Most importantly, his works burst with soul. His artistry is documented in a book, Selected Works of Made Djirna from the Year 2000 (2001). Now he lives and works in his home village.
A glance at Djirna’s multifaceted works shows his artistic motivations and the tempestuous emotions that influence his creative process. Djirna passionately transforms lines, colours, texture and figures into all kinds of graphic compositions. Sometimes he refuses to respect order, preferring to use his energy in a desperate effort to capture and eternalize the aesthetic moment, to prevent it from slipping trough his fingers. Consequently, Djirna’s works start out as a visual deconstruction, ordered and harmonious, but as they develop his endeavors to free himself from this discipline become obvious.
*source: Modern Indonesia Art from Raden Saleh to the Present Day

Artwork Details
Painter : Made Djirna
Subject/ Title : People in Village
Dimension : 70 X 50 cm
Media : oil on canvas
Signature & remarks : dated & signed bottom right: “Djirna 2000”.
History/ provenance
of painting : authentic with no COA or provenance shall be provided. The present owner acquired the painting from a prominent auction house.
Condition : good & well preserved, it’s ready to hang in good shape.