The Return of Maestro; Maria Tjui

Maria Tjui (1934)
Maria Tjui was born on 14th of May 1934 at Pariaman, West Sumatera. Initially she learned painting from the old Master S. Sudjojono at Seniman Indonesia Muda, Yogyakarta during 1955-1958. She then furthered her study in sculpturing at Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI – Indonesia Fine Art Academy), Yogya during 1961-1963.
Having graduated from ASRI, she decided to move to Bali and has been staying there at Peliatan Village (Desa Peliatan) since then. She’s been further exploring the art works and grappling with the Balinese life along time. Together with some Peliatan painters, she also established the Sanggar Purnama, an art studio.

In 1967, she made a tour around some Asian countries for 3 years. During her overseas trip, she organized several single exhibitions abroad. She continued exhibiting her artworks at several cities in Indonesia after returning back to the motherland.
In 1991, Maria again launched her paintings in joined exhibition with International painters representing 67 countries around the world. This exhibition was arranged by International Advisory Committee, Very Special Arts at John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC, US.

Circa 2003 she was having a serious complicated disease causing her to be absent for 2 years from her art activities. She could’ve fortunately recovered from illness and came back to art world by organizing her 1st exhibition after getting recovered at Balai Budaya Jakarta in 2005. “Like a withered old plant, I’ve early grown up again. I’m so grateful to still be given a chance to work again”.

Balai Budaya hall, the place in which she used to exhibit her artworks in the past, escorted her return and ostensibly regained its vivid spirit. The building witnessing Maria’s long-standing story of creation had ever been vacant after suffering the massive flood few years back then.
Maria is remarkably known as a natural painter. She portrays any objects that are caught and sensed; she has never confined the types or styles of object she wants to paint. She has a great wish that someday she will build an art museum at Nusa Dua Bali. At the land she bought few years ago, she wants to enshrine all artworks masterpiece in the museum she plans to develop. She prefers Bali as the island has been being forefront as the tourist destination all around the world. In fact, the people also very respect, love and welcome to the arts so that we may have seen so far that a lot of painters have chosen Bali life for their inspirations.

LOT #5


Title : Balinese Festive Celebration at Temple
Type : oil on canvass
Dimension : 60 X 50 cm
: 76.5 X 66.5 X 4.5 cm (framed)
Year : 1978
Condition : framed, very good and well preserved, already varnished and ready to hang
Signature : singed on the bottom left corner; 1978, Maria Tjui

The above painting was acquired from a reputable official art auction house. There was NO provenance or COA provided. However, to the best of seller’s knowledge, we guarantee that the aforementioned piece is 100 % original and genuinely produced by the said painter as stated.