Gucci Spring 2011 Shoes

For Gucci Spring 2011, many have criticized Freida Giannini for having three different shows in one - a tribal, a safari, and a Russian/Gypsy gone disco. Her YSL references were so obvious that everyone pointed them out. In a word, the collection was incoherent.

The spring 2011 Gucci shoes were the same: incoherent and un-inspiring for me. The cage shoes: nothing new, nothing exciting. The velvet disco shoes: nothing new, nothing inspiring. The boots: they are new, but nothing I would ever purchase.

In the 80s, Gucci had become so watered down by the style and quality of their product that they went nearly bankrupt. Tom Ford arrived and essentially saved the design house. Now that Mr. Ford is gone, I think they are headed back down that road.

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