Make Batik Clothing For official

You intend to buy crafts Batik for personal use or as a souvenir for family or relatives in the form of clothing, cloth, or a sarong, it is very necessary attention to some of the things below:

Firstly did you know that batik art in circulation on the market there are three ways for it? Namely: batik, batik and batik stamp machine. Initially Batik art is the work of classical art in the media painted cloth using a tool known as a function like canthing write with ink pens. In a small container canthing there with candles or better known as the night, there are some holes the size of the flow canthing candle / night, it depends on what needs to disesuikan batik motifs to be painted. Candles / night which is used to paint on cloth is always in a liquid state, then in the process the wax is always available in small pengorengan embers. Process of each piece of batik cloth took more than a week, depending on the level of difficulty in describing the motives of batik cloth in the piece. In addition to using canthing, the second batik process is done by in-cap. However, this type of printed batik lower artistic taste, because of stroke-thin strokes can not be done, besides the time of each piece of cloth is also shorter than batik. And the last is the making of batik with modern textile machines that work faster and mass, then the price can be cheaper jualpun.

Of the three types of ways to make our batik is batik cloth began to understand that we wish to choose to buy, and remember that genuine work of art is painted batik / drawn by hand the batik, and of course the price would be more expensive especially with batik motifs with the difficulties more complex and more time in the process.

Second, note the problems produced batik motifs, especially in the batik cloth. Little about batik motif in several places on the island of Java, the early development of batik art is from the north coast of Java, for instance Coast region Cirebon, Pekalongan, Tuban and Madura. Then developed into the hinterland including Yogyakarta and Surakarta. The difference between the two regions motives based on the cultural background that develops between coastal and inland areas. Culture of coastal communities to be expressed more dynamic, courageous and open, the motive seemed cheerful, and many use other forms of ivy and birds as a source insprirasinya. And the selection of bright colors for the background color for example red, yellow and indigo / blue. While the interior is more interested in batik aesthetic aspect that motive is more subtle and impressed quiet, calm, and dignity. Motive was inspired by geometric shapes creeping plants, birds, flowers and latticework or a dark color is more likely to be black, brown, and dark blue. Most batik motif painted / drawn on a diagonal position, or more often called the lower garment, or can mean a long cloth which men and women. Usually batik motif characteristic of Yogyakarta and Solo is more often called a machete. Batik motif can also to distinguish the levels / strata of one's place in society for example between the royal family with ordinary people, or when used in different events used the motif is also different. So with a little knowledge about these batik motifs we can better choose the motives of the 'fit' with the official rules, but it is often the case for ordinary people or laity in selecting the art of batik is more dependent than their taste.

And when given two basic things from the art of batik is now going to buy batik, at least can be a separate reference. There are two places which claimed the town of Pekalongan batik and Yogyakarta, but can not be denied more people know and recognize that is the city of Yogya batik because it advanced the field of tourism. So when a visit to Yogyakarta for example, buying batik is very easy because many large stores and well outletnya or on the sidewalk and call it a traditional market Hardjo Bering markets also peddle a variety of batik cloth. For that we need a couple of tips below as the initial information before deciding to buy.

1. Seek first store / outlet / batik cloth seller in the list of travel guide that has been provided. Choose from the many shops / outlets or visit one at the store / outlet if you have more time. There are some stores / outlets have their own batik place in his backyard, if interested and allowed us to see the process of making home during working hours. Sometimes there is a tour guide or owner / employees can explain one by one, the process of batik making.
2. When entering a store / outlet exclusively selling batik and there must stamp batik unique aroma that is the smell of the night / wax used in batik making process.
3. We began looking at rows of batik at the store / outlet looks different motives, but consider carefully the quality of the image batik / geometric shapes / lines do not overlap / fumble with color. At the same time also hold and touch, if it garis-garis/guratannya batik will be felt more texture or more forms arise.
4. In terms of price if you really must batik expensive price than the printed batik let alone gain machine. Because the basic fabric types usually / memory used batik better, which is easily painted and must be guaranteed not easily torn and faded for a long time.
5. Finally, if there was any doubt in a better decide to ask the tour guide or friend who understands right about batik.
Happy shopping while walking around enjoying the view of the city Yogyakarta.